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Talking Change Resources

Below are all the tools and templates referenced in the book and four ways I can help you lead change successfully. 

Let's connect and start our conversation!

  1. Buy copies of Talking Change for your team: Provide the book as background, then start your conversations! Buy bulk copies of this book for your leaders, managers, sponsors, teams, or champions and as a thank you I will join you on a call to kick off your conversation planning.
  2. Hire a seasoned facilitator: I will partner with you to plan the right conversations, set the right context, and personally facilitate the conversations. Whether it’s conversations to engage employees or conversations to align senior leaders, we’ll make it happen.
  3. Partner with an ImpleMentor Coach: Do your leaders need support to navigate change successfully? Are they leading a new team or a new mandate? Working one-on-one or with groups I’ll combine my coaching expertise and change management experience to coach your leaders to plan and execute with confidence. Leading change is never a solo endeavor.
  4. Provide training to your leaders and employees: Want to improve your skills to lead change? Wish everyone understood the ins and outs of change and transition? Need to master the art and science of facilitating great conversations? We will customize our change leadership programs to meet your specific needs. Options include virtual or in-person training.

Conversation Planner 

What to consider when planning your conversations including: purpose, audience, timing, size, location, logistics, questions, and reactions.

Download the Conversation Planner Template

Conversation Agenda

Map out your meeting and send the agenda to participants ahead of time. 

Download the Conversation Agenda Template

Stakeholder Map

Identify who's impacted, what they may perceive as benefits from the change, and where they may resist. 

Download the Stakeholder Map Template

5 Steps to Build the Best Change Champion Network

Use these five steps to build your champion network. 

Download 5 Steps to Build the Best Change Champion Network

Communication Plan

Identify your communication tactics, timing, and audience and keep track of what's happening and when.

Download the Communication Plan Template

Month in a Box

Organize and prioritize the activities and asks of your people.

Download the Month in a Box Template

Job Impact Analysis 

Identify the impacts to specific roles based due to the changes.

Download the Job Impact Analysis Template 

Project Status Reports

Templates to track and present the status of the change.

Download the Project Status Report (MS Word version)

Download the Project Status Report (MS PowerPoint version)