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Path to Promotion: Promotion Candidate Cohort Program

Structured training program to prepare next generation leader cohorts for the promotion process and build leadership capacity to succeed in a new role.


Path to Promotion: Promotion Candidate Cohort Program

Path to Promotion Cohort Program - bridge

Who will Benefit from this Program?

  • Emerging leaders and those preparing for promotions
  • Next generation leadership candidate cohorts

Key Takeaways

  • Build awareness of your strengths and areas for development as a leader 
  • Prepare for the interview process and to engage in conversations to earn your promotion 
  • Be ready to succeed in a new leadership role 

Program Overview 

Path to Promotion Self-Assessment 

Introduction to the AIM Leadership Competency Map identifying areas needed to accelerate your career and a self-assessment to determine strengths and areas for development. The self-assessment can be customized to align to an organization’s competencies. The standard competency areas are: 

  1. Leading Self - Personal Brand
  2. Leading Self – Emotional Intelligence and Self Management
  3. Leading Work – Technical Skills 
  4. Leading Work – Problem Solving 
  5. Leading Teams – Coaching and Feedback 
  6. Leading Connections – Value-add and Big Picture Thinking
  7. Leading Connections – Relationship Building and Visibility
  8. Leading Conversations – Executive Presence & Communication
  9. Leading Change – Lead and Manage People through Change 

Training Modules 

Module 1 - Preparing for Leadership

  • Introduction to the program
  • Facilitated discussion on what it takes to earn promotions and be a leader in your organization

Module 2 - Leadership Skills Development 

  • Based on the results of the self-assessment, common areas for development for the group will be presented. Topics may include: 
    1.    Building your Personal Brand
    2.    Networking and Relationship Building
    3.    Effective Communication 
    4.    Coaching and Feedback 
    5.    Emotional Intelligence 
    6.    Executive Presence
    7.    Prioritizing and Decision Making

Module 3 - Preparing for the Promotion Process 

  • Reflecting on your key strengths, areas for development, and the moments that have defined your career – growth, successes, and learning moments
  • Interview preparation 

Module 4 - Leadership Role Success 

  • Preparing for a long career as a leader, not just the interview process to get the job 

Delivery Logistics

  • Customizable to organization's promotion process and competency models
  • Live in-person or virtual
  • Two days or 4 half days
  • Optional: add Path to Promotion Coaching to this program


I very much appreciate you. While you definitely helped coach me through the promotion process that’s ongoing, your feedback and conversations on many topics have truly helped me deal with what could have definitely been a mind-kerfuffle to deal with. I don’t know how I could say thank you more, but on the topic of legacy, you have made your mark on me.

Partner, Professional Services Firm, USA