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Leadership Courses

Interactive and engaging training courses to develop leadership depth, accelerate the impact of leaders, and build connections among colleagues. 

    Click on the titles below to learn more about each course. 

    1.  Leadership@ - also known as Intentional Leadership (2 days)

    • For new leadership cohorts - to uncover their leadership talents and hone the skills needed to be an intentional and inspiring leader. Customizable to an organization's business strategies and performance competencies. 

    2.  Conversational Leadership (3 hours)

    • For new or seasoned leaders to build the self-awareness to lead effectively (Emotional Intelligence), the skills to engage in difficult conversations, and the coaching and feedback practice to get the best performance from team members.

    3.  Leadership Fundamentals (2 days)

    • For individual contributors, administrative staff, and emerging leaders to develop their leadership skills to influence, to prioritize, to connect, and to succeed. 

    4.  Leadership Skills (timing based on topic(s) selected)

    • Stand-alone topic courses to address leadership skill gaps. Common topics include: Effective Communication, Executive Presence and Personal Brand, Influencing Skills, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Facilitation Skills, and more.