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Impactful and transformational leadership and change management training programs to develop change-savvy leaders who successfully guide teams and organizations to realize results.

Change Management Courses

1.  Leading Organizational Change 

  • For change instigators to plan and manage change - and do it right the first time 

2.  AIM Changer: Leading People through Change

  • For people leaders who need to lead teams during times of change - whether they chose the change or it is imposed on them. 

3.  Leading Change for Project Managers

  • To equip project managers to support change implementations and learn how to include change management in their projects. 

4.  Leading Change through Conversation 

  • Learn why conversations are needed, how to facilitate them, and the right conversations to have and with whom to lead change that sticks - change doesn't happen with a conversation. 

5.  Change Foundations

  • For individual contributors involved in a change in their organization to understand the people side of change and how to navigate change successfully.

Leadership Courses

1.  Leadership@ (also known as Intentional Leadership) 

  • For new leadership cohorts - to uncover their leadership talents and hone the skills needed to be an intentional and inspiring leader. Customizable to an organizations business strategies and performance competencies. 

2.  Conversational Leadership 

  • For new or seasoned leaders to build the self-awareness to lead effectively (Emotional Intelligence), the skills to engage in difficult conversations, and the coaching and feedback practice to get the best performance from team members.

3.  Leadership Fundamentals 

  • For individual contributors and emerging leaders to develop their leadership skills to influence, to prioritize, to connect, and to succeed. 

4.  Leadership Skills

  • Stand-alone topic courses to address leadership skill gaps. Common topics include: Effective Communication, Executive Presence and Personal Brand, Influencing Skills, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Facilitation Skills, and more.  

Succession Planning Courses

1.  The Succession Planning Playbook 

  • To help small and medium organizations, and organizations with limited in-house leadership development resources, to create a succession planning process to build their leadership pipeline.

2.  Path to Promotion: Accelerate Your Career

  • For emerging leaders, those preparing for promotions, and people interested in learning more about the skills and competencies needed to build a successful career. Based on the AIM Leadership Competency Map. 

3. Path to Promotion: Promotion Candidate Cohort Program 

  • To prepare next generation leader cohorts (e.g., senior manager or partner candidates) for the promotion process and to build leadership capacity to succeed in a new role.  

Speaking Engagements

Jennifer delivers interactive speaking engagements for conferences or team off-sites on the following topics. Typically 45 - 90 minutes.

1.  Being a Successful Leader During Change

2.  Talking Change

3.  Leading Change through Conversation

4.  Planning and Managing Change Initiatives with Ease