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Speaking Engagements

Jennifer delivers interactive speaking engagements for conferences or team off-sites on the following topics. Typically 45 - 90 minutes.  


    Jennifer speaking

    1.  Being a Successful Leader During Change

    Become a resilient, change-savvy leader who knows:

    • Where to focus first when leading change
    • How to overcome resistance and gain buy-in to change
    • How to lead without knowing all the answers

    2.  Leading Change through Conversation

    Change doesn't happen without a conversation. 

    • Learn people’s typical reactions to change 
    • Know how to recognize resistance and address it 
    • Spark innovation, ideas, and buy-in through conversation

    3.  Planning and Managing Change Initiatives with Ease

    Gain the confidence to rethink your change projects with:

    • A set of conversations to improve your project's chances of success
    • A new perspective on planning and managing change projects
    • A quick reference guide - conversations to use to address specific challenges