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Strategic Planning Facilitation

Re-think. Re-imagine. Re-invent. Engage in a full strategic planning process to reset your business strategy based on your current situation.

Strategic Planning Facilitation

Strategic Planning Facilitation - Bridge

Who will Benefit from this?

  • New leadership teams
  • New Municipal Council teams 
  • Teams aiming to reset direction for their organization

Key Results

  1. Common understanding of current state
  2. Strategic plan with key initiatives and success measures 
  3. Action plans
  4. Ongoing support (as needed) 

Delivery Logistics

Our approach is customized to the needs of the client. We leverage our consulting and change management experience to help leaders and their teams develop a new strategic plan; including the what (objectives), the how (actions to implement), and the who (roles and skills needed to execute). 

Process may include some or all of the following:

  • Individual interviews
  • Coaching
  • Team facilitation
  • Results documentation 


A million thank yous. You are a very big part of the success I and the leadership team have had. Few realize just how valuable your contributions are.

Canadian Managing Partner, Professional Services Firm