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Action Impact Movement is a company dedicated to inspiring people through coaching and facilitation to commit to action, make an impact and create the movement they want in their lives and workplaces.

Commit to Action

Make an Impact

Create the Movement

Our coaching clients benefit from one-on-one, targeted support. We help clients prioritize and simplify to increase capacity, contribution and leadership effectiveness. And have some laughs along the way.

Our leadership development participants are more prepared for leadership roles and benefit from improved decision making and expediting their impact as a new leader.

Our facilitation clients benefit from our practical approach to making change. We start with individuals and teams to build momentum within the organization. Through facilitation and change management best practices we maintain a consistent track record of successfully aligning teams and implementing strategic ideas.

Our companyMOM clients benefit from our experience with off-ramping, on-ramping and advancing talented moms. Moms regain the skills and confidence to return to the top of their game. Organizations retain the knowledge and contributions of their working moms.