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Are You Ready to Take AIM?

Creating change in people and organizations.

At Action Impact Movement we encourage different perspectives, instigate simple and impactful changes, grow leaders, transform thinking, and get more done because we have fun. Clients seek us out to build leadership depth, fast-track change, and improve top and bottom line performance. As certified coaches with extensive business and consulting experience, we make these results happen through coaching, facilitation, and change management.

Are you ready to take AIM?


Path to Promotion

Prepare high potentials for leadership roles, expanded roles and career advancement with the Path to Promotion Roadmap self-assessment, 360° feedback, performance observation and targeted coaching.

Leader Kick Start

Expedite the impact of new leaders and seasoned leaders with new mandates by leveraging our proven approach to prioritizing, organizing and leading teams and businesses with tools, tips, and coaching.

Game Changer

Targeted coaching to help team members reach the top of their game - after a leave, in a new role or to improve performance.  

Facilitation & Courses


Customized experiential leadership development program aligned to an organization's strategy and culture. Focused on leading self, leading teams and enhancing decision-making skills for new leaders.

Team Alignment

Expert process facilitation practices to engage and align teams around common goals, behaviours, and expectations. Collaborate, brainstorm, decide, prioritize, plan, assign actions and build team morale.

Leadership Skills

Custom content to develop skills and improve individual and team performance. Popular topics: executive presence, personal brand, influencing, facilitation skills, coaching & feedback, Myers Briggs, and emotional intelligence.


Change Management

AIM Changer - Dec. 5-6, 2019 in Whistler, BC ~ Find out more and register here.

Embrace change. Lead better. Transforming an organization requires commitment to change. Commitment is generated when people feel heard. People feel heard when they are engaged in conversation. The first conversation is with yourself to build your comfort and skills to lead transformation. 


Hands-on support and coaching to plan, communicate, execute and gain commitment to organizational and team changes.

  • Fast-track implementations
  • Unstick stalled projects
  • Improve teams dynamics
  • Create structure, process and habits to sustain success

People Are Saying...

The AIM Changer content is rich and has a practical focus to help lead teams through change. Jen is a dynamic facilitator with tons of experience and relevant examples that bring the content to life.

Sabine Delajoud-Morel, Managing Director, Global Learning & Development, KPMG