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The AIM Leadership Roadmap

How to lead with confidence, accelerate impact, and deliver results in a leadership role.

AIM Leadership Roadmap

The AIM Leadership Roadmap

The AIM Leadership Roadmap helps leaders who have a new mandate, new team, or who need new ideas to lead with confidence, accelerate impact, and deliver results in their leadership role. I created the Roadmap based on my experience and from interviews with leaders who told me about their biggest fears when taking on a new leadership role. 

The AIM Leadership Roadmap is the umbrella for all my coaching, courses, programs, and work. 

I've spent many years as the thinking and execution partner to leaders. I'm the sounding board for their big ideas, the neutral third party who asks objective questions, the coach invested in their success, the source of ‘been there, done that’ experience across several organizations and industries, and the connector of dots to bring their internal thinking to external order.

I help leaders shine. 

You're a successful leader already and taking on any new challenge comes with a degree of risk in a fear of failure. Perhaps you've left a role where you are comfortable, perhaps you got tapped on the shoulder to lead a new opportunity, or maybe you find yourself needing to take your team to the next level and want some new ideas.

You're in the right place. So how do you go from fear of failure in a new role to building a leadership legacy?

You follow the AIM Leadership Roadmap – to lead with confidence, accelerate your impact, and deliver results – and have a little fun along the way.

There are three stages in the Roadmap.

1.  Commit to Action

This focuses on you as the leader, going from overloaded with too many things to do, to gaining clarity and confidence to do what's next. You'll set your focus assess, your situation, and synthesized your many ideas into specific priorities.

2.  Make an Impact

Next you’ll zero in on your team and the people you need on board to help develop your game plan and execute on game day and every day. You'll develop an executable plan, align your team around common goals, expectations, and behaviors, and then you'll measure the results, make better decisions, and adjust courses needed.

3.  Create the Movement in your organization

As a leader, you lead change. You need people to do something more, better, or different to move them from status quo to creating impactful change. In this stage you will enable change by creating champions and engaging in the right conversations. You will develop leaders, to build a pipeline of talent. And you will inspire growth – in both people and business

Taking on a new role, wanting to make change, and knowing you can build a leadership legacy can be exhilarating and daunting. Following the AIM Leadership Roadmap will keep the excitement yet minimize the possibility of failure.

I love partnering with leaders to help them build their leadership legacy, and as a starting point – to simplify, prioritize, and get organized to do the next best thing.

The AIM Leadership Roadmap is based in my many years of experience in leading change and coaching leaders. I have tools, coaching conversations, and content to help you at each stage and to create success along the way.

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I'm really grateful for the support that I've gotten from you over the last year and the fact that our journey started with a 6-month commitment and has continued on for over a year, really says volumes about how much you've helped me. I needed a guide, and you helped me figure out where to start and to stay on track with the major transformational work I was undertaking. You helped to keep me accountable for what I was committing to doing. And in making that shift from one sector to another, the impostor syndrome was pretty significant, and you gave me a lot more confidence to achieve my goal. 

Watch Elizabeth's conversation with Jen about working together. 

Chief Administrative Officer, Village of Pemberton, BC