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Leading Change through Conversation

Conversations are needed to lead successful change. Learn why conversations are needed, how to facilitate them, and the right conversations to have and with whom to lead change that sticks.

Leading Change through Conversation

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Who will Benefit from this Program?

  • People managers (e.g., Managers, Directors, and VPs) - to help them engage their teams, deal with resistance, and build commitment and momentum to realize the benefits of change
  • Change practitioners - to add more tools to their change toolkit 

Key Takeaways

  • Uncover your personal reactions to change 
  • Learn why conversations are key to leading people through change 
  • Know who needs to be in conversation to move changes forward 
  • Learn how to lead effective conversations 
  • Engage in AIM Changing Conversations to successfully lead people through change

Program Overview

Module 1 - The People Dynamics of Change 

  • Experience the people dynamics of change
  • Learn to use the ABC Transition Roadmap™
  • Recognize resistance to change

Module 2 - Leading Change through Conversation

  • Understand why conversations are needed
  • Choose and plan the right conversations to lead change
  • Participate in the conversations to learn how to facilitated them and experience the impact
  • Build an action plan to lead your team through change

Delivery Logistics 

  • Live in-person: 1 day
  • Live virtual: 1 day or 2 half days 



Loved this session! Engaging, informative, interesting!

Participant, Leading Change through Conversation