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ImpleMentor™ Coaching

Based on many years of change management experience, we developed the AIM Change Management Roadmap to provide hands-on support and coaching to plan, communicate, execute and gain commitment to organizational and team changes.

ImpleMentor™ Coaching

AIM Change Management Roadmap

Who will Benefit from this Program?

  • Change instigators and leaders of organizational change

Key Takeaways

  • Improve chances of change success
  • Fast-track implementations
  • Unstick stalled projects
  • Improve dysfunctional teams
  • Create structure, process and habits to sustain success

Program Overview 

  • Meet with leaders to clearly understand the desired outcome of the planned changes

Provide a proposal to support the change management initiative. Based on needs, the proposal may include one or more of hte following: 

  • Coaching - One-to-one or group coaching to provide guidance and support leaders and team members to execute on change management actions 
  • Check ins - consulting work to develop plans, facilitate meetings, craft communications, and/or create help in the execution of actions to make the change happen successfully
  • Conversations - facilitated meetings to assess challenges, opportunities and team reactions to proposed changes
  • Courses - teach leaders, team members, and change recipients how to navigate change and work through transition. 

Delivery Logistics

  • Agree on deliverables and actions based on proposal. 


I have enjoyed working with Jen on a global optimization project and really value her professional insights and input. She is skillful at introducing clear and concise frameworks with a firm direction and plan. Jen assured success of our change management activities by introducing a process that could be operationalized and built into a continuous improvement cycle, including all collaterals to support it. Very analytical and with a keen eye for details, she is also pragmatic and suggests realistic cost-effective strategies that work.

Global program manager, Global People, KPMG