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The Succession Planning Playbook

Create a robust succession planning process to build your leadership pipeline.

The Succession Planning Playbook

The Succession Planning Playbook - sunrise

Who will Benefit from this Program?

  • Leaders in small and medium organizations who want to develop a program to grow their next generation of leaders and/or prepare people to take on leadership roles in the future (e.g., firm management, including lead partners, HR professionals, and learning professionals)
  • Organizations with limited in-house leadership development resources

Key Takeaways

  • Improve the performance of their team members to create a solid leadership pipeline
  • Prepare team members to earn promotions and succeed faster at the next level
  • Increase leadership capacity and depth throughout the organization
  • Improve retention

Program Overview 

Participants will be taken through an interactive session, outlining the steps to take to develop their team and prepare their people for promotions, including: 

  • Succession Planning - how to identify, track, and develop a leadership pipeline.
  • Assessment - how to assess your current team to identify high potential team members (including access to the Path to Promotion customizable assessment tool).
  • Training - how to determine key training topics for future leaders.
  • Coaching - what and how to coach to develop future leaders.

Delivery Logistics

  • Live in-person or virtual: 4 hours
  • Optional add-on: Consulting support to implement a succession planning process in your organization