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Leadership Fundamentals

Even without leader in your job title, you still need leadership skills - to influence, to prioritize, to connect, and to succeed. 

Leadership Fundamentals is a highly interactive and practical course that encourages participants to stretch their thinking, network with
peers, brainstorm ideas, and validate the great work they already do.



    Leadership Fundamentals

    The AIM Leadership Model - for Leadership Fundamentals

    Who will Benefit from this Program? 

    This program is for executive assistants, office administrators, administrative assistants, client service representatives, and other individual contributors. 

    Key Takeaways 

    1. Improve self-awareness of their personal brand and leadership style
    2. Build awareness of others’ work styles to improve collaboration
    3. Learn their communication approach and adapt to communicate effectively with others
    4. Gain new insights and tips for having difficult conversations, including giving feedback 
    5. Manage workload priorities aligned to business goals and solve common problems with practical frameworks
    6. Identify the next steps in their leadership journey
    7. Create connections with colleagues

    Program Overview 

    Module 1 - Learn

    • Leadership attributes
    • Self-awareness
    • Personal brand
    • Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator assessment and personal report

    Module 2 - Leverage 

    • Emotional intelligence (EQ)
    • Effective communication

    Module 3 - Leverage

    • Difficult conversations
    • Giving and receiving feedback

    Module 4 - Lead

    • Understanding business priorities
    • Prioritizing workload
    • Decision making
    • Problem solving
    • Leadership goal

    Delivery Logistics 

    • Live in-person for two full days, or
    • Live virtual for two full days or four half days


    Jennifer is an awesome teacher. Well presented and love your energy and attitude! Thank you for giving us this opportunity to learn more. 

    Leadership Fundamentals Participant