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Leading Organizational Change

Change Instigators need a playbook to make change happen successfully. This course helps participants plan change effectively and lead change that sticks. 


Leading Organizational Change

Leading organizational change - forest picture

Who will Benefit from this Program?

  • Change Instigators who want to make change in their organization and do it right the first time
  • Change initiators or leaders who are not managing the day-to-day change implementation
  • Change initiative steering committees or advisory committees

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the people side of change
  • Set direction and identify success measures
  • Know the key steps and key roles needed toimplement effective change initiatives
  • Gain confidence to ask the right questions and provide the right support to get the right results from change initiative team members
  • Learn how to win people's hearts and minds to change behavior and implement change that sticks

Program Overview  

Module 1 - Understand the People Side of Change

  • Experience the people dynamics of change
  • Learn to use the ABC Transition Roadmap™
  • Recognize and address resistance to change

Module 2 - Engage Your Leaders to Drive Change

  • Start with Why and set direction
  • Recognize your personal change leadership style(optional Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator Impact Report)
  • Build buy-in and commitment from your leaders

Module 3 - Plan Change Effectively

  • Leverage the Planning and Managing Conversations to create the right structures for effective change
  • Use best practices to implement change successfully, including identifying the key roles needed (e.g., sponsors and champions)
  • Establish structure and expectations for change teams with the Change Instigator's Toolkit

Module 4 - Lead Change that Sticks

  • Understand how conversations enable change
  • Choose and plan the right conversations to engage your leaders to drive change in their teams
  • Leverage the Engagement Conversations to buildbuy-in and commitment

Delivery Logistics 

  • Live in-person for two full days, or
  • Live virtual for two full days or four half days


This a very meaningful amount of work that required everyone’s contributions. There were significant change management challenges and a lot of time required to execute on training, portals, communications and content. Thank you very much to everyone for your contributions. But a very special thank you to Jennifer, whose change and project management skills are second to none and helped us both execute on all the tiny details and pull together the big picture. 

Managing Director, Professional Services Firm