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Conversational Leadership

Managing high performing teams means engaging in the right conversations at the right time. Conversational Leadership provides participants with the self-awareness to lead effectively, the skills to engage in difficult conversations, and the coaching and feedback practice to get the best performance from team members. 


Conversational Leadership

Conversational Leadership picture

Who will Benefit from this Program?

  • New people managers or supervisors 
  • Seasoned people managers who wish to add to their people management skillset 

Key Takeaways

  • Improve your emotional intelligence (EQ) to know what triggers you and how to manage your emotions in different situations 
  • Confidently engage in difficult conversations with a proven approach to prepare for and hold the conversations  
  • Coach and be coached to develop high performing teams using a simple set of questions 
  • Deliver feedback with the right impact to improve the performance of team members 

Program Overview 

In this highly interactive, three (3) hour program, participants will engage with the following tools and content: 

  • Emotional Intelligence mini-assessment to identify areas for improvement 
  • Difficult conversation planner to prepare for these conversations 
  • Simple coaching model that can be used in a variety of situations
  • STAR feedback model to give effective feedback

Delivery Logistics 

  • Live in-person or virtual: 3 hours 


Conversational Leadership was a great part of our New Manager Conference. Jennifer presented practical tools I can use right away to improve my first-time manager skills. 

Conversational Leadership Participant