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Confident Leader Kickstart Coaching

Lead with confidence, accelerate impact, and deliver results in a new leadership role. After spending many years as the 'trusty side kick' to leaders as coach, thinking partner, and execution manager, we have developed a proven approach to help leaders get more done and have a little fun along the way - The AIM Leadership Roadmap.


Confident Leader Kickstart Coaching

Confident Leader Kickstart - ziptrek

Who will Benefit from this Program?

  • New leaders or seasoned leaders with a new mandate or team

Key Takeaways

  • Become calm and confident in your new leadership role
  • Build Trust – develop trust and credibility with your new colleagues
  • Establish Expectations – know their expectations and communicate yours
  • Deliver the Right Results – choose the right priorities
  • Lead with Confidence – inspire growth in your people and organization

Program Focus  

Stage 1: Set Your Focus – to use your time and energy in the right places 

  • Know your Why – why this role? why now? why you? 
  • Choose your Leadership Approach – assessment, values, style 
  • Create your Goals – what, when, how, with whom

Stage 2: Assess the Situation – to learn the players, the processes, and the plans 

  • Meet the Players – your team, your peers, your colleagues 
  • Learn the Business – organizational objectives and business plans 
  • Determine the Structure – reporting, meetings, support, decision making 

Stage 3: Synthesize Ideas – to generate options and identify priorities 

  • Capture all your Ideas – brainstorm and collate all you’ve learned 
  • Develop Decision Criteria – list key factors to help make choices 
  • Choose Priorities – outline results to be delivered 

Program Delivery 

One-on-one Coaching Sessions and Support 

  • Kickstart Coaching Sessions (number and frequency to be determined based on needs) 
  • Myers-Briggs® report debrief
  • Unlimited email exchanges 
  • On-demand phone calls as needed 
  • Ongoing access to resources 


Assessments and Conversation Guides 

  • Myers-Briggs® assessment, training video, and Personal Impact Report 
  • Situation Assessment Interview Guide 
  • Talking Change: Must-Have Conversations for Successful Leaders Conversation Guides 
  • Business Plan Review Question Key  

Tools and Resources 

  • Leader Kickstart Playbook 
  • Goals and Actions Planner 
  • The 5W+H Map (Who, What, Where, When, How, and Why) 
  • Priority Planner Worksheet 


  • Building Your Brand as a Confident Leader Video Series and Toolkit
  • Two paperback copies of Talking Change: Must-Have Conversations for Successful Leader

Delivery Logistics

  • Coaching commitment generally starts with 3 - 6 months depending on needs
  • All coaching clients will gain access to the resources listed. Other resources will be provided based on specific needs. 


I'm really grateful for the support that I've gotten from you over the last year and the fact that our journey started with a 6-month commitment and has continued on for over a year, really says volumes about how much you've helped me. I needed a guide, and you helped me figure out where to start and to stay on track with the major transformational work I was undertaking. You helped to keep me accountable for what I was committing to doing. And in making that shift from one sector to another, the impostor syndrome was pretty significant, and you gave me a lot more confidence to achieve my goal. 

Watch Elizabeth's conversation with Jen about working together. 

Chief Administrative Officer, Village of Pemberton, BC