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AIM Changer: Leading People Through Change

In this game-changing program learn how to lead and navigate in an environment of constant change and disruption - whether you have chosen the change or the change is imposed on you.


AIM Changer: Leading People Through Change

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Who will Benefit from this Program?

  • This course is for those who lead teams and are faced with changes they are expected to implement successfully within in their team - perhaps you're a manager or director who has to adopt a new system or process or a leader who needs to comply with global methodology changes. 
  • Change Instigators - those who are initiating change and/or needing to lead teams and organizations through change (chosen or imposed change) 
  • You may not have chosen the change or you may be the instigator, either way, this program will give you the tools to support and engage your people to commit to the change and realize the benefits within in your team and organization.  
  • AIM Changer is not about change management methodology and tools (we'll leave that the change / project managers), it's about how everyday leaders engage their teams, deal with resistance, and build commitment and momentum to realize the benefits of change - through conversation. 

Key Takeaways

  • Gain an understanding of the people dynamics during change - how and why people react to change and dealing with resistance
  • Prepare to lead change by applying the ABC Transition Roadmap™ and Myers-Briggs® Type preferences to change situations
  • Learn to confidently engage people in the right conversations to gain commitment and make change stick 
  • Build momentum and sustain the benefits of change

Program overview 

    Module 1 - The people side of change

    • The people dynamics of change 
    • The ABC Transition Roadmap™
    • Recognizing and addressing resistance to change

    Module 2 - Prepare yourself to lead change

    • Personal change leadership style assessment (including a personalized Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator Impact Report) 
    • The impact of personality preferences and past experience when leading change

      Module 3 - Key conversations to navigate change 

      • Why conversations are needed
      • Who needs to be involved in conversations
      • What conversations will enable change
      • Participate in the conversations to experience the impact   

      Module 4 - Gain commitment to change through conversations 

      • How to facilitate effective conversations 
      • Chose and plan the right conversations to lead change 
      • Build an action plan to lead your team or organization through change 

      Delivery Logistics 

      • Live in-person for two full days, or
      • Live virtual for two full days or four half days


      The AIM Changer content is rich and has a practical focus to help lead teams through change. Jen is a dynamic facilitator with tons of experience and relevant examples that bring the content to life.

      Sabine Delajoud-Morel, Managing Director, Global Learning & Development, KPMG