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Succession Planning Courses

Targeted and practical courses to support a robust and consistent succession planning process in organizations. 

Click on the titles below to learn more about each course. 

1.  The Succession Planning Playbook (4 hours) 

  • To help small and medium organizations, and organizations with limited in-house leadership development resources, to create a succession planning process to build their leadership pipeline.
  • Optional add-on: Consulting support to implement a succession planning process in your organization 

2.  Path to Promotion: Accelerate Your Career (2 hours)

  • For emerging leaders, those preparing for promotions, and people interested in learning more about the skills and competencies needed to build a successful career. Based on the AIM Leadership Competency Map. 

3.  Path to Promotion: Promotion Candidate Cohort Program (timing based on cohort needs over 6 - 12 months) 

  • To prepare next generation leader cohorts (e.g., senior manager or partner candidates) for the promotion process and to build leadership capacity to succeed in a new role. Based on the AIM Leadership Competency Map.