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My ah-ha moment...and join the conversation

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So I had this ah-ha moment recently. I wrote my book last year with a focus on leading change, thinking that it's for people who are navigating organizational change.

I've been coaching a leadership team recently on a wide range of topics - whatever they bring to the conversation - personal effectiveness skills they want to work on, difficult conversations they need to have, how to prioritize their work to be the most efficient with their limited time and huge to-do lists. 

My ah-ha moment came when, in each situation, I referred to a conversation in the book that they could use. My book is really a leadership book - not only for those leading change. As a leader you need people (or yourself) to do something more, better, or different to move your organization forward. The conversations in 
Talking Change: Must-Have Conversations for Successful Leaders help you make that happen. 

You too can leverage the conversations from the book to be a more effective leader. Join me, starting Wed. March 17 at 11am ET/8am PT, where I’ll be facilitating three interactive Talking Change: Conversation Workshops. At each session I’ll give the highlights and reasons for the set of conversations, then open it up for questions to help you be a more successful leader - of change, or simply of your team and organization. 

1. Wed. March 17 – Self-Reflection Conversations (8-9am PT/11-12pm ET)

  • Kick off St. Patrick’s Day with some self-reflection!
  • This set of conversations helps you recognize your typical reactions to change, your approach to change, and how you can be an effective leader during change. Whether the change is process, technology, culture, or trying to help other improve their performance. 
  • You can also use these conversations with your team members to set the stage for successful change.

2. Wed. March 24 – Planning and Managing Conversations (8-9am PT/11-12pm ET)

  • These are the conversations to have to plan, organize, decide, and manage change initiatives or to get your team organized to achieve their priorities. 
  • Whether you have chosen change or it’s being imposed on you, these conversations will help you chart a path forward.

3. Wed. March 31 – Engagement Conversations (8-9am PT/11-12pm ET)

  • These are the conversations needed to win people’s hearts and minds, including your own, to transform your organization (or team, or family).
  • To make change and move your organization forward you need people to commit to doing something more, better, or different.
  • Commitment is gained when people feel heard. People feel heard when they are engaged in conversation.
  • Find out which conversations you need to have!

Order your copy of the book today to be ready for the workshops starting March 17. It's discounted on Amazon for a limited time

Talking Change: Conversation Workshops. Buy tickets today - space is limited. Join one workshop or sign up for all three and save.