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Targeted, one-on-one coaching and support to implement, execute, and succeed as a leader.

ImpleMentor Coaching

With many years of change management experience, we provide hands-on support and coaching to plan, communicate, execute and gain commitment to organizational and team changes.


  • Fast-track implementations
  • Unstick stalled projects
  • Improve dysfunctional teams
  • Create structure, process and habits to sustain success


  • Clearly understand the desired outcome of the planned changes
  • Assess challenges, opportunities and team reactions to proposed changes
  • Leverage change management best practices to develop plans, facilitate meetings, craft communications and act as a thinking and execution partner to make the change happen successfully

Leader Kick Start Coaching

New leaders and seasoned leaders with a new mandate. After spending many years as the 'trusty side kick' to leaders as coach, thinking partner, and execution manager, we have developed a proven approach to help leaders to get more done and have a little fun along the way.


  • Expedited leader impact
  • Clear priorities, better organization, faster execution of activities
  • Improved team alignment and morale


  • Leader assessment
  • Team/department assessment - people dynamics, business opportunities and challenges
  • Process enhancements using proven approach and tools (e.g. Practice Leader Checklist)
  • Individual coaching and team facilitation as needed

Path to Promotion Coaching

High performance employees. Based on our experience with coaching countless professionals through the promotion process to senior roles, we developed the Path to Promotion self-assessment and coaching program. With 360° feedback and individual coaching we pin-point development areas and address them. We help people earn promotions and prepare for success in their new role.


  • Focused skill development
  • Accelerated career advancement
  • Strong promotion candidates and improved succession planning
  • Structured coaching program applied consistently across teams


  • Path to Promotion self-assessment (can be customized to align to client competencies)
  • 360° feedback interviews and summary
  • Performance observation
  • Development plan
  • Targeted coaching sessions
  • Interview and business case preparation