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The PM's Sure-Fire Guide to Managing Change

Image of PM Sure-fire guide

Download the free guide to learn the seven key conversations to create and carry out your change management plan. 

Do you wish you knew all the activities needed for a great change management plan? Or wish you knew the right questions to ask to effectively manage the change pieces of your projects?

  • Avoid being one of the 70% of change efforts that fail with this sure-fire guide
  • Confidently engage in the right conversations, with the right people, to manage change projects
  • Consider all the angles when developing your comprehensive change management plan
  • Create a competitive advantage by changing faster and realizing benefits sooner


Are you managing or supporting a change initiative? Take the Leading Change for Project Managers course to build your confidence, skills, and toolbox to plan and manage change with ease. 

Are you leading a team through change – whether you chose the change or not? Bring the AIM Changer program to your organization – it will change the way you lead forever. 

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