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The Leadership Course that will Change your Game

AIM Changer course summary with picture of Talking Change book

Conversation. It's a word I hear in so many contexts these days. Dr. Henry (BC's Medical Officer of Health) refers to conversations she continues to have with her colleagues to manage the response to COVID-19. Reconciliation leaders referring to the conversations needed to build a better cultural understanding and start the healing process for those impacted by Indigenous Residential Schools. The conversations I have with my clients to help them uncover solutions and make progress in their organizations. 

Having the courage to engage in conversations and to lead effective conversations that result in positive change for individuals, teams, and organizations are must-have skills for today's leaders. I have witnessed the impact of powerful questions to stop people in their tracks and see a different perspective or the value of hearing ideas from employees to make workplaces better. This is why I'm so passionate about helping people learn the skills to lead through conversation. And why I developed my AIM Changer course. It starts with an understanding of how you show up as a leader during times of change. 

AIM Changer. Embrace change. Lead better.

Learn how to lead and navigate in an environment of constant change.

Program Outline 

1. The People Side of Change 

  • The people dynamics of change 
  • The ABC Transition Roadmap™
  • Recognizing and addressing resistance to change

2. Prepare Yourself to Lead Change

  • Personal change leadership style assessment (including a personalized Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator Impact Report) 
  • The impact of personality preferences and past experience when leading change
  • Prepare yourself to lead change action plan

3. Key Conversations to Navigate Change

  • Why conversations are needed
  • Who needs to be involved in conversations
  • What conversations will enable change
  • Participate in the conversations to experience the impact 

4. Gain Commitment to Change through Conversation

  • How to facilitate effective conversations 
  • Choose and plan the right conversations to lead change 
  • Build an action plan to lead your team through change

This is a great program for leader or manager cohorts. AIM Changer is geared towards people managers who have to lead their teams through change - whether they chose the change or not - new systems, new processes, new team members. AIM Changer is not about change management methodology and processes, it's about how everyday leaders engage with their teams, deal with resistance, and build commitment and momentum to realize the benefits of change - through conversation. 

Find out more about the course hereContact me to bring it in house or pre-register for a future public offering

p.s. Listen to my latest podcasts for ideas on how to lead change effectively through conversation in Talking Change with Jen and Rebecca or if you only have a couple of minutes, tune into Two Minutes of Talking Change for quick tips. 

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