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Introducing The Whistler Report


I started my professional career at Arthur Andersen Business Consulting. As first year consultants we were to host the rest of the team for a night out. We chose a Second City Improv show. The first skit was a spoof on the smoking section in a restaurant, but instead of a smoking section it was a whistling section. All eyes turned to me.

Fast forward several years and I was in New York at a coaching client meeting. My client had left the room, I was reviewing documents and automatically started whistling. When he returned he asked, ‘Was that you whistling?’ Yes. He also whistles a lot and when people ask him why he always responds, ‘because I’m happy’.

I am the person who whistles while she works. Sometimes I don’t even realize I’m whistling, it’s just part of who I am and represents the positive, contagious energy I bring to the workplace. Whistling is part of the wake I leave.

What are you known for? Is it what you want to be known for? What’s your brand and what does it represent about you? Do you whistle while you work? What is the wake you are leaving? 

In the Whistler Report I will continue to share ideas and actions to create change in people and workplaces. And of course, in each one you can ‘name that tune’.

At ActionImpactMovement we work with organizations to build leadership depth, align teams and fast-track change through coaching, facilitation and change management.