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Bring 2021 into Focus with these Four I's


Change was the name of the game in 2020. It took us by surprise, yet we adapted and here we are, almost at the end of the year. The flip of the calendar does not mean everything will 'go back to normal', but it is a chance to refresh your focus and chose what changes you want to make in 2021.

At Action Impact Movement we partner with you to: 



  • Develop change-savvy leaders who lead your teams and organization to realize results. 
  • Join our Change Foundations and Leadership training to embrace change and lead better. Based on my book Talking Change: Must-Have Conversations for Successful Leaders. Launching in 2021. 
  • Bring Leadership@ to your organization – custom leadership training aligned to your strategy, performance models, and priorities.
  • Use our Path to Promotion assessment and coaching, coupled with our succession planning process, to prepare your next generation of leaders.


  • Request our expert process facilitation skills and techniques to reset your strategy based on your current situation. Re-think. Re-imagine. Re-invent. 


  • Plan and execute your strategy. Facilitate conversations to engage and align teams around common goals, behaviours, and expectations. 
  • Leverage our ImpleMentor coaching and processes to fast-track successful change.

Let’s connect to make 2021 a pivotal year for you and your business.