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AIM Changing Conversations - the journey begins

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Photo credit: Marvin Meyer

In March I I started thinking about writing a book. In April I joined Natalie Sisson's Write Your Damn Book club. At the end of June I was finished the draft of my book! This past week my editor from Run and Jump Books started her review. By mid-September I plan to launch my first book. What a thrill!

The book is about conversations. Why, how, and what conversations to have to lead change in your team and organization. Conversations with your leaders, your teams, and yourself. I've spent over 20 years helping organizations pivot to be more profitable, more efficient, have more engaged teams, and now it's time to use those learnings on my own business.

I have done freelance consulting and coaching work for many years. Clients find me and I find clients through referrals and word-of-mouth. I love staying connected with current and past clients but have mostly avoided online marketing and social media (a bit of LinkedIn here and there). I'm that person that sends personal emails and sometimes even snail-mail to stay in touch. It's time to change that - or at least add to it. I've found myself going through the dynamics of change just as I've documented them in my book. So, I'm taking my own advice, I'm having conversations - first with myself, and then with others to lead through this change. To embrace what is new and different for me. It's ironic that my early career focused on implementing systems for clients - testing, crashing, retesting, and solving issues to ensure the system worked on go-live day. Over the years, as I focused more on in-person coaching, training, and facilitation, I spent less time navigating new online tools. 

My purpose remains the same - to lead great conversations, as a facilitator and coach, so that people connect, embrace change, and build the confidence to lead their teams and organizations forward. With the changes in the world and the need to engage more in the virtual world, I'm taking it online and documenting my change journey as I adapt, resist, embrace, and commit to continuing to build community and help others thrive through change. Change isn't easy - we all know that. But the rewards of trying something new and learning from missteps can reap great rewards.

If you're on this same journey, let me know. If you're way ahead and have advice to share - let's hear it