Taking AIM — Be Inspired by Your Own Life

Do you want to make a change and don't know where to start? A new career? A move? Better life balance? A decision you've been putting off? A different perspective?

Do you want to Take AIM at something you really want in your life or career?

If you answered Yes to any of the above, then this workshop is for you.


This is not a workshop where you listen to other people's lives and walk away feeling inspired, only to have the feeling disappear. This is about you showing up to uncover your own inspiring life. A little scary? Perhaps. Worth every moment? Absolutely! This AIM workshop will encourage and support you to take AIM at what you want next in your life.

Taking AIM — Be Inspired by Your Own Life will let you laugh a little, move a little and discover a lot. You will be called forth to find your connection with others, uncover your unique contributions and declare your AIM: the Actions you will take, the Impact you will have, and the Movement you will create.

Through facilitated group sessions and interactions with other participants, you will be inspired by what is possible. You will be an active participant in the workshop, experiencing each activity, debriefing what you have learned and building action steps towards your next AIM.

Jen has worked with hundreds of men and women to help them change careers, prepare for promotions, make scary and rewarding choices, learn new skills, and have fun!  

What are you AIMing for? Come and explore!

This workshop is for you if you want to:

  • Choose your next AIM in life
  • Be courageously confident
  • Celebrate your unique contributions
  • Have fun and be inspired by your own life!
  • Gain structure and support to help you take action towards your AIM
  • Willingly explore because you simply don't know what you want yet!

The benefits include:

  • Insight into what you contribute that is unique - your brand
  • Clarity on what you want next, professionally and personally - your goals 
  • Inspiration from your own life and the lives of others 
  • Alignment of your goals with your values
  • Practical tips to keep you motivated to achieve your next AIM
  • The push needed to commit to action and a network of people to hold you accountable

REGISTER TODAY - space is limited. 

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