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Leading Change

AIM Changer: Embrace change. Lead better.

Game-changing program to lead through change and disruption. Based on Jen's best-selling book Talking Change: Must-Have Conversations for Successful Leaders - this interactive program including videos, toolkits, self-reflection, feedback, and group coaching to embrace change and lead better. 


  • Confidently lead people through transition to commit to change 
  • Engage the right people in the right conversations to make change stick
  • Align teams to achieve results
  • Build momentum and sustain the benefits of change  


  • Limited group size to ensure maximum access to learning 
  • Access to tools, tips, and templates 
  • Facilitated discussions to learn, challenge, and collaborate on solutions
  • Develop personal action plan to immediately apply to your organization  

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With many years of change management experience, we provide hands-on support and coaching to plan, communicate, execute and gain commitment to organizational and team changes.


  • Fast-track implementations
  • Unstick stalled projects
  • Improve dysfunctional teams
  • Create structure, process and habits to sustain success


  • Clearly understand the desired outcome of the planned changes
  • Assess challenges, opportunities and team reactions to proposed changes
  • Leverage change management best practices to develop plans, facilitate meetings, craft communications and act as a thinking and execution partner to make the change happen successfully