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What We Do

It's time to take AIMLet's connect!

    We partner with individuals and organizations to develop leaders who are:

    • Change-savvy
    • Resilient in the face of resistance to change
    • Confident in leading the right conversations to navigate change
    • Focused and ready for their next challenge


    Impactful and transformational leadership and change management training programs.

    • Leading Change Courses – based on Jen's bestselling book Talking Change: Must-Have Conversations for Successful Leaders.
      • AIM Changer: Leading People through Change – for  leaders who need to lead teams during times of change - whether they chose the change or it is imposed on them. 
      • Change Foundations – for individual contributors or managers involved in a change in their organization. Participants will learn the foundations of change management to help them navigate change successfully.
      • Leading Change for Project Managers – to equip project managers to support change implementations. (Available as an online course or in-person)
      • Conversational Change – for change practitioners to add another change tool to their toolkit - conversations. 
    • Leadership@ – custom leadership skills training aligned to organizational goals and/or performance models.
    • Path to Promotion Program – Structured training program to prepare next generation leader cohorts for the promotion process and build leadership capacity to succeed in a new role. 


    Targeted, one-on-one coaching to succeed as a leader. The benefits of working with a coach include taking time to reflect and learn, having a sounding-board as you formulate ideas, accountability, and measuring progress. 

    • ImpleMentor Coaching – hands-on support and coaching to plan, communicate, execute, and gain commitment to organizational and team changes.
    • Leader Kickstart Coaching – simplify, prioritize, and execute better as a new leader or seasoned leader with a new mandate.
    • Path to Promotion Coaching – prepare for leadership roles, expanded roles, and career advancement.
    • Game Changer Coaching – targeted coaching to address specific needs. 


    Expert facilitation practices to engage and align groups and teams. 

    Team Alignment Facilitation – customized approach based on desired outcomes to:

    • Take action to achieve common goals, demonstrate new behaviours, and exceed expectations
    • Build team cohesion and improve team dynamics 
    • Understand the personalities and work styles of colleagues 
    • Navigate change successfully
    • Innovate and disrupt
    • Make decisions and work through conflict
    • Evaluate and review processes, projects, or products

    The Pivot Conversation – Re-think. Re-imagine. Re-invent. Engage in a full strategic planning process to reset your business strategy based on your current situation.

    Whistler Strategy and Team Retreat – Combine the The Pivot Conversation and Team Alignment Facilitation in an inspiring location. Bring your team to Whistler, British Columbia and leave with a clear strategy, actions to implement it, improved team dynamics, and an unforgettable mountain experience. 


    New ideas to spark inspiration, master the change process, and overcome resistance successfully. 

    The Bestselling BookTalking Change: Must-Have Conversations for Successful Leaders.

    The Blog – Get the latest tips to lead change that sticks in The Whistler Report. Find out why it's called The Whistler Report.

    The PodcastsTalking Change with Jen and Rebecca - learn the right conversations to have to lead change successfully and Two Minutes of Talking Change - practical tips to lead change in only two minutes!

    The Resources – Access free resources from the book and other leadership resources.

    What do you need to do more, better, or differently to lead change with impact? We partner with you to:


    Leadership and change management training to develop change-savvy leaders who successfully guide teams and organizations to realize results.


    Expert facilitation practices to re-think, re-invent, or reset strategy, and align teams around common goals, behaviours, and expectations.