I've had executive coaches in the past and this was hands down a different experience with Jennifer. 

Partner, Professional Services Firm

Jennifer has proven to be professional, thoughtful and insightful in her questions as she has encouraged me to explore perspectives not previously considered.  This coaching relationship has helped me make significant positive changes not only in my professional career, but as well in my personal life.  I have had several coaches over the years, but none have proven to have Jennifer’s ability to connect at a personal level, and provide an environment where I have been comfortable sharing my challenges.  Her ability and desire to move beyond personal coaching and into organizational change, to include insight on design and drive on execution and accountability has proven invaluable to me over the years.

Practice Leader, Professional Services Firm

I very much appreciate you. While you definitely helped coach me through the promotion process that’s ongoing, your feedback and conversations on many topics have truly helped me deal with what could have definitely been a mind-kerfuffle to deal with. I don’t know how I could say thank you more, but on the topic of legacy, you have made your mark on me.

Partner, Professional Services Firm

I participated in a staff retreat facilitated by Jennifer Campbell with about 40 of my colleagues. I learned a lot about myself as well as my colleagues and had a fun time as well. I also enjoyed the coaching and feedback refresher as these skills always come in handy. Jennifer had a relaxed and engaging style which I feel kept me focused over the two days. She was flexible and adaptable while still keeping us on track and on time. Thanks, Jennifer!

Assistant Secretary Treasurer, BC School District

I really enjoyed working with you over the last couple of years. I’ve always admired the way in which you handle yourself and push others towards greatness. You have for sure made an impact on me personally and professionally!

Director, Global Learning & Development, Professional Services Firm

I'm the perfect example that coaching works...I did everything you recommended and now I have my own business doing my dream job! 

Taking AIM worskhop participant

It was great to focus on me for a change. This was a great opportunity for me to just stop and look ahead at the path that I’m on and make sure it’s the right one.

Taking AIM workshop participant

Working with Jen has been incredibly successful and personally rewarding. Together, we established clear goals and I committed to concrete actions for the career change I wanted to accomplish within a short timeframe. During our coaching sessions I became self aware of my professional attributes, skills, and values, and as a result, gained the confidence to achieve my career change within six months. Jen and I continue our regular sessions which now focus on a number of other positive changes I want to achieve in my life.

Coaching Client, Ontario Public Service

Through coaching with Jen I was able to identify what was stopping me from getting what I want out of life. I have become conscious of my inner voices and aware of what I am capable of. Highly recommended in a period of transition or change!

Coaching Client, Plant Systems Owner and Trainer

Jen's insight and guidance are remarkable. She has helped me identify challenges, opportunities and patterns in the various aspects of my life and to seek the changes I want.

Coaching Client, Non-profit Manager

Through working with Jen, I’ve become more self-aware and conscious of the choices and decisions I make. I’ve incorporated ideas that we talk about during our sessions into my life already. It feels good and it feels different.

Coaching Client, Client Services

I am amazed at where the conversation sometimes goes and places it takes me to in terms of actionable items. Jen has helped me look at situations from new perspectives, which has lead me to make positive changes in my life.

Coaching Client, Advertising Account Director