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The Whistler Report

Whistler Manager Masterclass - Register for April 2020

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You need great people to manage your business every day. Set your supervisors, managers, and your business, up for success.
Running a successful business in Whistler is challenging. The tight labour market, high and low seasons, and customers with high expectations.

Your employees must show up and deliver every day, therefore your managers must motivate, coach, and lead their teams so that you can focus on realizing strong results and building success.

Register today. 

Manager Masterclass will train and coach your people over six weeks to improve their skills and confidence as leaders. Wouldn’t you love to have managers who:

  • Lead from the front
  • Make good decisions
  • Don’t come to you for every little thing
  • Treat your employees well, and
  • Drive your business forward 

Your Managers will:

  • Gain new and needed managerial skills
  • Work through and solve issues with a coach and support group
  • Build confidence as a manager
  • Develop more effective working relationships with teams
  • Have more fun at work, equipped with the right tools and techniques
  • Build a network of leaders in their community and realize they are not alone in the challenges they face

You, as the business leader/owner will experience:

  • More prepared and effective managers
  • Improved manager decision making aligned to your business direction
  • More time to focus on your business priorities
  • Less time in the weeds of day-to-day management
  • Better retention of managers and employees
  • Succession planning for future managers

The next session starts April 14, 2020. Find out more and register today!