Taking AIM — Be Inspired by Your Own Life

A workshop all about you

Do you ever wonder…what's next for me? What do I contribute? At work? At home?

Do you want to Take AIM at something you really want in life? A different career direction? A new relationship? A new skill? A different state of being?

If you answered Yes to any of the above, then this workshop is for you.

This is not a workshop where you listen to other people's lives and walk away feeling inspired, only to have the feeling disappear. This is about you showing up to uncover your own inspiring life. A little scary? Perhaps. Worth every moment? Absolutely! This AIM workshop will encourage and support you to take AIM at what you want next in your life.

Taking AIM — Be Inspired by Your Own Life will let you laugh a little, move a little and discover a lot. You will be called forth to find your connection with others, uncover your unique contributions and declare your AIM: the Actions you will take, the Impact you will have, and the Movement you will create.

Through facilitated group sessions and interactions with other participants, you will be inspired by what is possible. You will be an active participant in the workshop, experiencing each activity, debriefing what you have learned and building action steps towards your next AIM.

What are you AIMing for? Come and explore!

This workshop is for you if:

  • You want to choose your next AIM in life
  • You want to be courageously confident
  • You want to celebrate your unique contributions
  • You want to have fun and be inspired by your own life!
  • You want the structure and support to help you take action towards your AIM
  • You simply don't know what you want and you're willing to explore!

The benefits include:

  • Saying out loud what you contribute and the impact you have
  • Saying out loud what you want next out of life
  • Hearing what is inspiring about you from others
  • Connecting and working with other inspiring people
  • Leaving with concrete action steps towards your AIM
  • Follow up accountability after the workshop
  • Gaining confidence in the forward action of your life!

Watch this site for information about our next Taking AIM — Be Inspired by Your Own Life workshop, or contact us and we'll let you know by email when one is coming up.

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