As certified coaches with extensive business and consulting experience, clients seek us out to achieve the following results:

MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. Define. Implement. Repeat. 

Leader Side Kick: As a seasoned leader or a first-time leader, we partner with you as a Coach and ImpleMentor to get things done. We help you quickly assess your teams, your challenges, and your opportunities. We can develop plans, facilitate meetings, craft communications and be your thinking partner to keep moving forward. Through coaching, facilitation and many years of being the 'trusty side kick' to leaders, we will work with you to set your strategy and, most importantly, execute it!  

Fast Track Change: Projects stuck? Teams resisting change? We’ve been there and unstuck that. Through focused conversations, better communication, and tried and true change practices, we help clients get their projects moving in the right direction. Fast.

BUILD LEADERSHIP DEPTH. Learn. Leverage. Lead. 

Path to Promotion: Based on our experience with coaching countless professionals through the promotion process to senior roles, we developed the Path to Promotion coaching program. With 360° feedback and individual coaching we pin-point your development areas and address them. We help you win your promotion and prepare for success in your new role.  

Leadership@: Interviews with new leaders indicate that decision making is one of the biggest challenges as a new leader. Working with your organization we develop a custom leadership development program to enhance decision-making skills and expedite the impact of new leaders. A combination of experiential training and one-on-one coaching provides participants with the skills and confidence to lead and inspire to achieve results. 

Customized Leadership Training: We have developed and delivered custom training on: Executive presence, Creating a Coaching Culture, Influencing skills, Effective Feedback, Emotional Intelligence, Communication, Change Management, and many other topics. We work with your organization to understand what you want your people to do more, better or differently after the training, then we customize the content to make that happen.

ALIGN TEAMS. Generate ideas. Make decisions. Build skills. Achieve objectives. 

Group Facilitation: We use a structured facilitation process to create team alignment around common goals, behaviours and expectations. We've worked with dysfunctional teams to find a path forward, high-performing teams to prioritize what's next, and team leaders to guide teams through organizational change. On-site or off-site, in 1-2 days or over a period of time. Optional: add on customized leadership training to build skills. 

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI): We leverage the MBTI to uncover personal and team insights on what type of information people prefer, how they make decisions and their approach to work and relationships. Individuals increase their self-awareness and teams improve their communication and understanding of each other. MBTI provides a common language to create team alignment to improve overall team performance. 

companyMOM: Coaching moms to return to the top of their game is one of our passions. Companies benefit from increased retention of knowledge and talent. Moms benefit from increased professional confidence and prioritization of work and life commitments. Our team has worked with companies and moms to create better off-ramp and on-ramp experiences through company program reviews and coaching both moms and their managers.