Using our Learn+Leverage+Lead™ Development Model, we partner with your organization to create leaders at every level. We coach individuals and offer training programs on key leadership skills to help your people accelerate their careers.

Jennifer has coached loads of people to help them earn promotions from mid-level to C-level leadership positions. With her direct, yet supportive, style she quickly connects with her clients and builds strong relationships. She zeros in on opportunities and challenges and works with you to brainstorm ideas to take action. Her ability to connect the dots between conversations to identify patterns and new possibilities makes her a great thinking partner, sounding board and motivator to take the next step.

Leader Kick Start: Whether you’re a seasoned leader with a new role or a first-time leader, Jennifer’s ‘Leader Kick Start’ process will set you on the path to success. She helps you quickly assess your teams, your challenges, and your opportunities, and discover the unwritten rules of the game that can make or break you as a leader. Through coaching, facilitation and her many years of being the 'trusty side kick' to leaders, she will work with you to set your strategy and, most importantly, execute it!  

Path to Promotion: Based on her experience with coaching countless professional services members through the promotion process to senior manager, director and partner, Jennifer has developed the Path to Promotion program. The experiential training, coupled with individual coaching, enables people to pin-point their development areas and address them. She not only helps people win promotions, she helps set them up for success in a new role and build long-lasting careers.  


We facilitate meetings and training including:

Facilitating teams through a process: Strategic and business planning. Debriefs of organizational changes. Team offsites. Planning and action meetings. 

Myers Briggs Type Indicator: Increase your self-awareness, awareness of others’ styles and improve communication among team members.

Executive Presence and Influencing Skills: Build trust and credibility and improve your ability to influence key decision makers and team members. Learn how to get the ‘it factor’ and ‘have them at hello’ when you enter a room!

Personal Brand: Do you know what you contribute that is unique? Do you have your elevator pitch ready when needed? This program drives participants to not only answer yes to those questions but also to own and passionately discuss the answers with clients, targets and team members.

World Class Customer/Client Service: Jennifer is one of only two licensed Whistler Experience Facilitators. She leverages the program, originally developed by University of Victoria, Gustavson School of Business and the Whistler Chamber of Commerce, to help organizations define and deliver world-class customer service.

Customized Content: We have also delivered training on Leading Teams, Giving Effective Feedback, Coaching for Impact, Emotional Intelligence, Communication, Networking, High Performing Teams, Change Management, and many other topics. We work with your organization to first understand what you want your people to do more, better or differently after the training, then we customize the content to make that happen.


We get called in to help drive the following results:

Fast Track Change: Projects stuck? Teams resisting change? We’ve been there and unstuck that. Through focused conversations, better communication, and tried and true change practices, we help clients get their projects moving in the right direction. Fast.

Innovate and Inspire: Discover new ways to solve old problems – better customer experiences, more engaged employees, innovative products and services, or building a road map for the next three years. Taking a 360º view of issues, clients are inspired by different industries and ideas, and able to embed new ways of thinking into their organizations to drive continuous innovation.

Show Me the Money: Simplify and align strategic plans and projects. Leveraging our prioritization process, clients decide where to focus their time, money and efforts for the biggest impact. Then, we help teams build the skills needed to improve revenue, build better business cases, engage and retain customers through effective storytelling, and realize return on investments.