About AIM

Action Impact Movement is a company dedicated to inspiring people through coaching and facilitation to commit to action, make an impact and create the movement they want in their lives and workplaces.

Our Founder

Action Impact Movement was created by Jennifer Campbell. As a certified coach through the Coaches Training Institute, a Queen's University Commerce graduate and a certified Fitness Instructor, there is no shortage of energy and experience that Jen brings to her work.

The impact that Jen has made in the corporate world has included; facilitating leadership teams to challenge current thinking, implementing a successful sales and service management process to increase sales director effectiveness, and leading project teams through process, change management, and performance improvement initiatives.

Jen's goal for the coaching and workshops offered through AIM is to move people. A believer that everyone has something unique to contribute, she strives to draw out the best in her coaching clients and workshop participants through powerful questions and curiosity. In partnership with her clients, Jen has helped them become more self aware, self confident and take AIM at what they want next in life.